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Leisureline Caravans Ltd
23 Tasman Rd
Te Rapa
New Zealand

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Leisureline Caravan and welcome to you joining the growing “family” of Leisureline owners.

Please take your time in reading through the following documentation which is very important to ensuring you understand and activate the Warranty for your Caravan.

You should also ensure that you have your caravan checked and serviced on an annual basis which will ensure you are meeting the Warranty requirements with respect to the care and servicing of your caravan.

With care and servicing, you will enjoy your caravan for many years travelling and holidaying.

At Leisureline we take pride in the Caravans which we build in Hamilton New Zealand and we thank you for selecting another quality built New Zealand product from our factory.

Welcome to the “Leisureline Family” and may your journeys all ways be in sunshine.

Colin Bates Wayne Bates
Managing Director / Owner Sales & Marketing Manager