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November 17th, 2020

To all Leisureline and Southern Star Customers,

We would like to draw your attention to the Published Recall Regarding the Dometic Fridge Model.

A link to the recall is below:

https://www.recalls.govt.nz/recalls/dom … a8-series/

If your Caravan is fitted with a Dometic RUA6408X or RUA8408X Absorption Refrigerator you may be affected by the recall.

These were Installed in various Motorhomes & Caravans from July 2018 to October 2020.

Model and serial number appear on the ratings label located within the refrigerator.

Please check the serial numbers below.

Affected serial number ranges:
MB 82200938 to MB 85100130
MB 90200892 to MB 95200685
MB 00100565 to MB 03701182

The Hazard!

A small wiring loom may overheat and char when the product is running on 12V DC.

If the overheating/charring occurs, and there is also foreign combustible material in the vicinity behind the refrigerator, it could lead to a fire.

What to do…

Before using your fridge, check the model number and serial number.

If it is in the identified range, stop using the product in DC or AUTO mode and contact Dometic to organise replacement of the defective wiring loom by one of their Service Agents.

Contact Dometic on 09 622 1490 or service@dometic.co.nz

Leisureline Caravans Ltd Information Release


December 2nd 2019

Subject: Suburban Water Heaters

The Majority of Water Heaters used in Motorhomes and Caravans in NZ have been Suburban Water Heaters and over the years many thousands of these would be in service internationally as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Leisureline Caravans have used the Suburban Water Heater for many years, in the Leisureline, Southern Star and Zephyr Builds, along with other NZ Manufacturers of Motorhomes and Caravans.

Recently Work Safe New Zealand’s counterpart for gas in South Australia has identified a fault in a type of gas water heater in which carbon monoxide was found to be entering a motorhome’s cabin. A recall of these water heaters is being considered Australia. These water heaters are also being supplied into the New Zealand market. From 25 September 2019, the Australian Gas Association (AGA) suspended its certification (AGA 4624) on this range. New Zealand gas appliance importers (including caravan importers) may not supply gas appliances unless they have valid certification. WorkSafe has alerted the Product Safety group in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of the hazard and a possible recall from New Zealand suppliers.

Under certain conditions, these water heaters can generate elevated levels of carbon monoxide (CO) which, in some instances, may spill into the caravan, motor home or camper trailer. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that can adversely affect a person’s health when inhaled.

Carbon monoxide can be lethal at high concentrations. For more information on carbon monoxide, visit website: worksafe.govt.nz

APPLIANCE MODELS AFFECTED SERIAL NUMBERS AFFECTED Suburban RV water heaters (certified under AGA 4624) – SW6DEA – SW4DEA – SW6DEA – SW6PA – SW6DA – SW4DA – SW6DECA (Dual Fuel) – From 181315552 to 193002648 – Also 8183311827 and 8190201139 Notes: 1. These were manufactured from 4 April 2018 to 1 August 2019. 2. Some serial numbers will end in a ‘D’.

The safety issues only apply while the appliance is operating on gas. If your suburban water heater can heat water from an electrical supply as well as from LPG, it is safe to continue operating the appliance from electricity only. Our advice immediately stop using the appliance and do not allow anyone else to use this appliance. Identify whether the water heater is one of the affected models, by checking if the serial number falls within the ranges listed in the table above. This can be done by checking the appliance data plates found under the front cover plate of the hot water heater (see instructions below). If you are unable to do this, your caravan service agent or a licensed gasfitter should be able to assist.

Advice from Worksafe NZ

If the water heater has its own isolation valve, the valve to this appliance must be turned off until the appliance and installation has been rectified. This valve (if fitted) may be found in the cabin of the RV close to the gas inlet to the appliance.

Further safety notices or recall notices may be issued by the New Zealand importer of the appliance as to what actions are required to rectify the safety issues.

As of the Current Date no further information has been issued by Worksafe NZ,  The  Australian AGA,  or the NZ Importers of the Suburban Water Heaters, as to inspection requirements and rectification of the  identified Serial Number range of Water Heaters.

As soon as the appropriate information is made available to Leisureline we will advise our Customers on what action is required.

In the mean time we can only advise to follow the advice as issued by Work Safe NZ.