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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Leisureline Caravan and welcome to you joining the growing “family” of Leisureline owners.

Please take your time in reading through the following documentation which is very important to ensuring you understand and activate the Warranty for your Caravan.

You should also ensure that you have your caravan checked and serviced on an annual basis which will ensure you are meeting the Warranty requirements with respect to the care and servicing of your caravan.

With care and servicing, you will enjoy your caravan for many years travelling and holidaying.

At Leisureline we take pride in the Caravans which we build in Hamilton New Zealand and we thank you for selecting another quality built New Zealand product from our factory.

Welcome to the “Leisureline Family” and may your journeys all ways be in sunshine.

Colin Bates                                              Wayne Bates
Managing Director / Owner                Sales & Marketing Manager


LL-kiwi built with pride

Your New Caravan and information on the Warranty which applies to it. (Please read carefully)

Leisureline warrants to the original purchaser of every Leisureline Caravan that all parts of our manufacture are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of purchase under normal use and specified service, and the owners adherence to meeting the servicing requirements, except for the items listed under “What is not covered” and subject to compliance with the section entitled “what you must do”.

Warranty repair or parts replacement will be performed by an authorized Leisureline Dealer or repairer at its place of business with in a reasonable time after delivery of the caravan to the dealer /repairer during normal business hours.

Where an on site repair is requested, a service call fee and travel costs would be applicable at the owner’s expense.

Under the warranty terms any part of our manufactured caravan proven to be defective in material or workmanship during the three year warranty period will be replaced or repaired free of charge if such a part is returned to a Leisureline Authorized Dealer or to Leisureline with transportation charges pre-paid at the expense of the original purchaser.

Return of the replacement part to the original purchaser by Leisureline, shall also be at his or her expense.

The repair or replacement of such defective parts under this warranty will be made by Leisureline or a repairer authorized by Leisureline with out charge for parts and if made at such repairers normal place of business with out charge for labour.

Under no circumstances will reimbursement be made for work done through unauthorized establishments with out prior written consent from Leisureline.

Leisureline reserves the right to make product changes and improvements with out imposing any obligation on itself for warranty purposes to install the same products originally supplied, and where it is appropriate to do so shall install or supply current componentry.

Some of the equipment and fittings along with appliances supplied with your caravan are not manufactured or imported by Leisureline and are separately warranted by the manufacturer or importer.

This may also be the case for products or options you have chosen or specified.


Please read applicable documentation supplied with your Leisureline caravan and complete the applicable Warranty Registration Cards and return to the various suppliers.

This information also details the warranty on their products.


Leisureline Warranty

Please take time to read this material to ensure that you are familiar with the products operation, service procedures and warranty terms.

The fittings, appliances and equipment that may be separately warranted could include with out limitation,

Cooking Appliances – Spinflo /Thetford
Microwave ovens – Camec
Axles, Brakes, Couplings – Trailequip
Refrigerators – Dometic
Range hoods – Camec
Toilets – Thetford – Coast RV
Weight distribution devices

Subject to any rights you have by law which can not be excluded, Leisureline assumes no responsibility or liability for defects in workmanship or operation of separately warranted products for which you have been provided with separate warranty statements.

Unless required by law, separately warranted products will not be serviced, repaired, or replaced by Leisureline.

You should contact the manufacturer or importer of the product and make your claim in accordance with the terms of their warranty statement. Please note that the length of the warranty periods and their terms may vary depending on the item.

Not with standing the above, Leisureline will assist you in making a warranty claim if you have difficulty with the manufacturer or importer.

The full terms and conditions of your Three Year warranty are contained with in this part of the owner’s manual, and any representation to the contrary is invalid whether expressed or implied verbally or in writing.

Please note that no individual (including any dealer, agent or representative of Leisureline) is authorized to make any representation or warranty concerning Leisureline or it’s products, except to refer the purchaser to this three year warranty.

Nothing in this part is to be interpreted as excluding, restricting or modifying the application of any government legislation applicable to the sale of goods or the provision of services that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.

Where Leisureline is responsible for liability arising from, or in connection with , the description, quality, condition, performance, assembly, manufacture, design, fit for purpose of the caravan, or the use of or any other dealings, with the caravan by you or any third party, Leisureline’s  liability is limited to one of the following as determined by Leisureline in its sole discretion:

  1. The repair, or replacement of the caravan, or the supply of the equivalent Leisureline manufactured caravan; or
  2. The payment of the cost of repair or replacement of the caravan, or the acquisition of an equivalent Leisureline Caravan, and in either case (a or b), not exceeding the original cost of purchase.

Leisureline products have been designed for recreational use and not for permanent residential purposes. When used for permanent living, possible premature war and tear is not covered under the limited warranty. – Where a Caravan is used for permanent living the Warranty on the Caravan is limited to one year.

What is not covered.

This warranty shall not apply to normal maintenance, such as servicing /greasing wheel bearings, or the tightening of wheel nuts, that the caravan will require or to any damages arising from the failure to have such maintenance carried out. This also applies to the routine cleaning of filters such as in air filters, water pumps etc.

Any damage to windows and hatches, such as scratches or marks to the windows or hatches/ vents or damage / marks caused by cleaning or chemical washing, after initial purchase / acceptance of the caravan are not covered by warranty, and these are only covered by the window manufacturers/suppliers warranty against defective workmanship and material.

Any Damage to bench tops, such as scratches or marks after initial purchase / acceptance of the caravan are not covered by warranty, and these are only covered by the window manufacturers/suppliers warranty against defective workmanship and material.

Fabric items such as Canvas and vinyl canopies, awnings, window and door screens, cushion and mattress covers are not warranted against tears, punctures, shrinkage, softening, fading or soiling, but are only warranted against defective workmanship and material.

Damage caused to Awnings, curtains or plywood finish by condensation being left untreated is not covered.

Electrical Components are limited to the individual suppliers warranty, and bulb replacement is not considered a warranty item.

The deterioration of sealants overtime is not covered.

The warranty does not apply to any defect in the aesthetics or physical appearance of the caravan, or to normal deterioration of the soft trim and appearance items due to wear and exposure nor to impact damage whether static or in transit. This warranty also does not apply to any Leisureline product used for commercial purposes, rent or hire, or subject to misuse, neglect or accident.


Commercial use or rental of this caravan voids this warranty.

Damages or failures resulting from the following are also not covered by Leisureline warranty:

– Exceeding the maximum ATM weight.

– Alterations, repairs and additions not authorized by Leisureline.

– Accident, Theft or Fire

– Hail Stone, windstorm, lightning, tornado, cyclone, earthquake, external fire or unusual environmental or severe weather conditions.

Leisureline does not warrant for any failures or faults in awnings or aluminum surfaces and joints if they have been subject to after market treatments (Gloss finish protectants). This includes accidental contamination (such as splashing or spray drift). Any such treatments of contaminants void Leisureline’s warranty on all affected parts.

Leisureline warranty expressly excludes an liability for the consequential loss such as (including but not limited to) the use of your Leisureline Caravan, inconvenience, expense for petrol, travel, telephone, lodging, loss or damage to personal property, lost revenues, salaries, or commissions resulting from down time and these items are not covered by this warranty. – Leisureline hereby disclaims any responsibility or liability for such.

What must you do:

As a new owner of a Leisureline Caravan, you are responsible for regular and proper maintenance. (Refer to the Periodic Maintenance Requirements and Schedules) This will help prevent conditions arising from neglect that are not covered by your Leisureline Warranty.

At the time of delivery from your Leisureline Dealer, the dealers Representative will forward your Warranty Registration Form to Leisureline.

Within 30 days you will receive a welcome note from Leisureline as a new owner and acknowledgement that your information and details are now logged for your warranty registration.

This Registration Card is your guarantee of Service throughout the Warranty period if required.

If this card is not presented at the time of repair, your authorized Leisureline Dealer or Repairer will be unable to do the work under your warranty contract.


Transfer of Ownership.

The Warranty is Transferable to a subsequent owner under the three year warranty term, subject to the warranty service requirements being met and maintained, however the new owner must complete a new warranty registration form and submit this to Leisureline Caravans Ltd, with the Caravan Registration and Serial Number, and date of Ownership Transfer.

This will enable the balance of the three year Leisureline Warranty to be transferred to the new owner.

Periodic Warranty Service Requirements.

At 3 Months – Initial 3 Month Service Check

There after – Annually –  Annual Service Check

If a problem arises contact your nearest Leisureline Service Agent, Or contact Leisureline Ph 07 8482356.



If you wish to download this warranty form please click HERE

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